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At Complade, we specialize in providing cybersecurity assurance services tailored to the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized financial services providers. Our audits and assurance services help organizations confirm the effectiveness and compliance of their existing security measures, thereby assisting in mitigating financial and data risks.

Report and an impact calculator:

Small Financial Services Ransomware Bench Mark

The "Ransomware Benchmark Report for Small Financial Services in Canada" provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of ransomware on small financial services sector. Based on rigorous, the report offers insights into effective mitigation strategies, risks, and associated costs. Key sections cover topics such as common ransomware attack vectors, probability and impact analysis, ransomware control measures, and the role of cybersecurity certifications in enhancing security. The report also includes a specialized Ransomware Cost Calculator tool, accompanied by a video guide, to help organizations estimate the true cost of ransomware attacks and make informed investments in cybersecurity. More details here

Complade Assurance Services: 

Cybersecurity standards Conformity audit and testing services  for the financial services sector:

Cyber Secure Canada Standard

CAN/CISO 104: This audit focuses on ensuring that Canadian financial service providers have controls in place for common cybersecurity threats. Especially beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada (up to 500 employees), this standard offers assurance to both internal and external stakeholders that essential cybersecurity measures are implemented. Get started today

Open Finance Data Security Standard 

OFDSS - The Open Finance Data Security Standard sets out to improve Canadian user access to financial data across banking institutions, emphasizing user-friendly design, secure access, and data sharing. It mandates design principles, secure authentication, customer consent, and data portability, fostering a secure, transparent, and competitive financial environment.

ISO 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System

ISO/IEC 27701 provides a framework for privacy information management, requiring organizations to define the scope of personal data handling, assign privacy roles, conduct risk assessments, and establish privacy objectives. It emphasizes the importance of operational controls, consent mechanisms, respect for data subject rights, employee training, and maintaining documentation. The standard mandates regular performance evaluations and encourages continuous improvement, supporting organizations in managing privacy risks and demonstrating compliance with data protection laws.

ISO 27001 Certification 

For financial service providers looking to optimize their information security management system (ISMS), the ISO 27001 Certification audit can be invaluable. It aims to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization's data, making it highly adaptable for financial services organizations of all types and sizes.

PCI DSS Assessments

Essential for organizations handling credit card transactions, our PCI DSS assessments aim to secure payment processing. These assessments help to minimize the risk of data breaches and financial fraud, ensuring that the processing, storage, and transmission of cardholder data meet industry standards.

SOC 2 Audits  

Our SOC 2 audits are particularly relevant for cloud-based financial services providers. These audits offer third-party assurance that data is securely managed, thus protecting both the organization and its clients. Compliance with SOC 2 requirements ensures robust data security measures are in place, focusing on policies, procedures, and practices.

CSA CCM Assessment 

The CSA STAR Certification audit is geared toward cloud service providers in the financial sector. It involves a thorough examination of the security posture and compliance with cloud-specific security standards. This standard provides a robust framework for cloud security, ensuring that cloud-based financial data is managed with the highest level of security.

Sector Profiles 

Sector-specific vulnerabilities in assets require customized audit approaches. Similar technology stacks among firms in the same sector make tailored assurance more effective. Complade's specialized focus delivers accurate assurance to stakeholders.

Advisory and Brokerages

Advisory and brokerage firms frequently manage sensitive client financial data, ranging from financial statements to credit histories. These firms act as custodians of this data, making cloud vetting essential for security. They commonly use case management applications, both on-premises and cloud-based, along with cloud email solutions. Cybersecure Canada is an appropriate standard for Canadian firms with fewer than 500 employees, focusing on data protection and system access controls. ISO 27001 is a universally recognized cybersecurity standard suitable for managing comprehensive information security in these organizations.


Organizations in the insurance sector frequently employ an Agency Management System and offer client portals. Data storage solutions are also a common asset in this profile. For Canadian mutual insurance companies with fewer than 500 employees, Cybersecure Canada is an ideal standard focusing on data protection and incident response. ISO 27001 provides a globally accepted framework for comprehensive cybersecurity assurance. Complade can also partner with insurance firms offering cybersecurity insurance to provide audits, helping them manage risks for their clients.


FinTech firms face a unique set of challenges, functioning both as cloud providers and cloud customers. They not only deliver software as a service (SaaS) but also process client data, often stored on hyperscale cloud platforms. This complexity elevates the importance of specialized cybersecurity standards for assurance. SOC 2 attestation is vital for ensuring cloud-based data privacy and security controls. ISO 27001 offers a universally accepted cybersecurity standard that provides comprehensive assurance. For those heavily reliant on cloud services, CSA STAR Certification or Attestation gives an in-depth evaluation of the firm's cloud security posture.

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