Logo Usage Guidelines

Guidelines for Using Complade Logo & Seal

Why It Matters

Understanding the proper usage of our logo and certification seal ensures integrity and trust. Here's your quick guide to doing it right.

Complade Logo: What You Need to Know

Who Can Use It: Only certified clients of Complade are allowed to use the logo.

How to Use It: Our logo must be displayed as provided, without any alterations.

Where You Can Use It: The logo can appear on your marketing material, website, and any digital platforms but cannot be used to imply product or service certification.

Complade Certification Seal: Special Rules

Unique Identifier: Each seal has a unique certification number that can be verified by customers.

Who Can Use It: Only clients with a current, valid certification from Complade.

Where and How to Use:

What You Shouldn't Do

Verification by Your Customers

Your Complade certification seal comes with a unique certification number. Customers can use this number to verify your certification status on our website.

What Happens If You Misuse It?

Misusing the Complade logo or seal could result in suspension or cancellation of your certification.

If you need further details, feel free to request a copy of our comprehensive policy. As always, we’re here to help you maintain the value and integrity of your certification.

Guidelines for Using Cybersecure Canada Logo & Mark

Why It Matters:

Adhering to CyberSecure Canada's guidelines for logo and seal usage is crucial for maintaining the integrity and credibility of cybersecurity certification. Incorrect usage could compromise trust and potentially lead to legal ramifications.

What You Need to Know:

The guidelines specify how to properly place, scale, and color the Cybersecure Canada marks. These are not mere suggestions, but mandatory requirements.

Due Diligence:

We strongly urge customers to review the complete Terms and Conditions of Use on CyberSecure Canada's website to ensure full compliance and avoid any unintended misuse. It can be found at this website